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Tactile and Optical Metrology Compared

2D vs. 3D Metrology in Surface Analysis


How to Make the Right Surface Measurement Choice for Your Application!


Achieving a qualified analysis of engineered surfaces relies upon choosing the right measurement procedure. Which system is the best fit for your application?

In this complimentary whitepaper you will learn:

  • Common uses and benefits of 2D and 3D measurement systems

  • When 3D measurement is preferred

  • How comparable parameters can be calculated between 2D and 3D systems

  • Two common standards that utilize 2D for surface measurement


These Themes Await You

Optical Surface Measurement with Mahr

This is how confocal measurement technology works

Optical 3D surface measuring technology from Mahr uses the confocal principle to scan the surface. Our video shows you how the technology works.


Fast and precise
Non-contact, material-independent
Evaluate in three dimensions

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