Tactile surface metrology

Testing roughness on gears: 
highly precise, repeatable, standard-compliant



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The white paper “Testing roughness on gears” provides you with information on how you can use Mahr solutions to measure the surface quality of gears at the required points with high precision, repeatability and in compliance with standards.

We will show you how you can master major metrological challenges and test the following:

  • a high-quality surface finish of Rz < 1 μm
  • down to the ground tooth base and
  • fine waviness on the gearing


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Gear roughness is a measurement feature that plays a fundamental role in electromobility.

Gear wheels of gearboxes and rotor shafts, especially in electric motors, but more recently also in aircraft turbines, must have extremely fine surfaces in order to meet the functional requirements. This is because their quality has a direct impact on efficiency, torque and power throughput as well as noise emissions.



With the measuring solutions available on the market, it was previously not possible to satisfactorily inspect the surface quality of gears.

In contrast, Mahr offers three different machine configurations that meet the requirements for high-precision surface measurement, depending on the workpiece size, weight and desired measurement characteristics.



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