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In a high production environment the cost of manufacturing is related to the speed that the measurement can be made and how fast the results can be interpreted. Mahr products are optimized to speed up measuring processes and simplify handling. Enjoy maximum flexibility and maximum reliability with improved precision.

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Metrology is increasingly helping companies to increase productivity and reduce quality costs. It is only through measurement that key figures become available that allow deviations to be detected at an early stage. Measurement as the basis for the optimization "empowered" thus enables modern production to produce efficiently. And Mahr places great importance on efficiency.

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Precision measurement is at the foundation of modern manufacturing, which is driven by the continuous demand for improvements in product performance and cost, and the fundamental necessity for manufacturing of products with interchangeable parts. It is understandable that precision is foremost in everything we produce.



Dimensional Metrology

  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Dial Indicators
  • Electronic Indicators
  • Height Gages
  • Air Gages


Visual Inspection

  • Magnifiers
  • Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Measuring Microscopes
  • Confocal Microscopes


Surface Metrology

  • Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument
  • Stylus Profilers
  • Confocal Microscopes
  • White Light Interferometers
MarOpto--FI 1100 Z--BI--NA


Flat & Spherical Form Metrology

  • Fizeau Interferometers
  • Horizontal and Vertical Workstations
  • Measurement Towers
  • Fizeau Accessories


Aspheric Metrology
& Freeform Metrology

  • 2D Stylus Profilers
  • 3D Stylus Profilers
  • 3D Non-Contact Optical Profilers



Custom Solutions

  • Custom Tooling
  • Motion Systems
  • Scripting Language
  • Automation


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